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"I have been using the Aqua Blue massaging system for just a month now, but have found fantastic results!  November, 2018, I had back surgery to correct deteriorating discs, and a deformity, which was pushing on my spinal column.  Months into my recovery, I had a stroke, and fell, dislodging one of the discs, and causing paralysis to my left side.  I had a second surgery to repair this, but needed extensive physical therapy to bring my left side back to life.  I did so with physical therapist, and it was helping some.  Then I found the Aqua Blue.  Since using it (only 3 times so far), I have almost all the feeling back on my left side, and am walking without help on my own.  I highly recommend this to anyone needing the benefits of a deep massage, or just to relax from every day stress.  LeAnn is so thorough in explaining it all to you, and to setting it up to massage you just right in just the right spots.  Once you try it, you'll love it as I do." ~Marvel


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"That was the best massage I've ever had! You'll definitely be seeing me back."

"Wonderful! Thank you!"

"Intense! Amazing beyond words!"

"That was amazing, I love how you can focus on one part of your body that is hurting. So glad I was given this gift for Mother's Day! I will continue to come and enjoy!!"

"Interesting & wonderful :)"

"Awesome experience"

"Totally awesome. Wonderful!!"

​"I feel taller" (Because her muscles were loosened up and she was able to stand taller and straighter)

"Omg I'm sooooooo relaxed!!! Never had any type of massage before and this was AMAZING!!!! the ladies were very helpful and informative!! I definitely wanna make this a regular thing!! 10 stars!!!!"

"I had a 30-minute water massage today and it was wonderful. It was my first time trying a water massage and I loved it! It's especially great if you don't have a lot of time as you slip right into the "machine" (which looks kind of like a tanning bed) clothes and all. No mess. Great music, too. It took me a couple of minutes not to feel like I was a car in a car wash but after that, it was very relaxing. I did the intense one but you have many choices - down to very relaxing."

"It was so fun and Relaxing so thank you. I was a little bit nervous but it was incredible, thank you! And now my back doesn't hurt and all my tight muscels (sic), thank you!!"

"It was fun. I do not have back pain. Thank you very much."

(notes left by a couple of "younger" clients :) )