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Frequently Asked

For an aqua massage, you lie in an aqua massage bed, which looks similar to a tanning bed. A waterproof liner lays over you, so you do not get can wear your regular clothes, you only need to take off your shoes. Thirty-six water jets in the cover travel up and down your body, from your feet to shoulders, to soothe your muscles. You'll listen to relaxing music in a room with the lights environment that really encourages relaxation!

Absolutely! That's something people love about massages at Aquablue...

You're able to target different levels of pressure on different parts of the can choose from several programs with varying levels of water pressure. You can have a gentle relaxation style massage up through a very strong deep tissue style...or even target different levels of pressure on the different areas of your body.

You also have a control so you can hold the jets on a spot or adjust the water pressure on any spot if you need to!

We'll work with you to make sure your massage is exactly what you need every time!

Nope! There's a waterproof barrier between you and the water jets. It's a thin layer (like a wetsuit), so you will still get all the benefits of the water pressure and won't really realize it's there, but it does keep you from getting wet.

Aqua massage is a very affordable massage option! The pricing for individual massages is:

$25 for 20 minutes

$35 for 30 minutes

$50 for 45 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

While an appointment isn't required, we strongly encourage appointments to ensure the time you want is available.

The best option is a massage membership which gives you the regular relaxation you need while reducing the price per massage. Membership prices (most common plan options):

30 Minute Massages ... $24/month for one a month to $64 for weekly massages

45 Minute Massages ... $36/month for one monthly massage to $96 for 4 massages/month

Not a lot! A great length of time for your aqua massage is 30-45 minutes. A 30-45 minute aqua massage is roughly equivalent to a 60 minute massage with a massage therapist. Also, since you do not have to undress/dress/deal with oils/etc. you are in and out quickly!

Appointments are highly encouraged, but you are also welcome to just walk right in if you need to. You'll be able to get in quickly; no waiting days or weeks for relief. Appointments are generally available same or next day! Make an appointment at or 701.281.6465.

Yes it is! Picture how nice the jets of a whirlpool bath feel. Or the feeling of using a massaging showerhead when you are taking a shower. An aqua massage gives you a similar experience, except even better!

There are 36 water jets spraying at your body from many angles, not just a few jets focusing on one small area. Plus the jets travel up and down your body multiple times during your massage, giving you a full body massage. The sound and motion of the water are also very soothing or you can listen to relaxing music on headphones during your massage.

Yes! Each massage bed is in its own private room with dimmed lights...complete privacy and relaxation for you!

Ideally, once every week or two is perfect! This keeps your muscles, and your mind, more relaxed. Your muscles will not have a chance to become as tight and sore between massages. Over time, you'll notice your muscles (and mind) loosen up more quickly & easily and stay that way between massages better.

Our memberships make routine relaxation easy. Choose to come in 1-4 times a month (additional sessions can be purchased when needed). This makes you come in routinely so you get the most benefit, but also offers the flexibility to work within your schedule.

You may want to come in more than once a week when you are starting out, if you are working on a specific injury or problem, or if you just feel you need it!

Of course! There are many different intensity levels that can be programmed. You can have a light, gentle massage up to a very intense pressure for those of you who really have knots in your back or neck (like I used to)!

The pressure can even be adjusted for different sections of your body. For example, if you really need to work on your lower back, but are a little more sensitive to so much pressure everywhere else, we can make that work!

In addition, if you want to focus the massage on a certain spot, the jets can be paused any time you choose. You will have a conrol in your hand which allows you to pause the jets or adjust the pressure yourself whenever you want to!

Both forms of massage provide many of the same benefits such as relaxation, easing muscle and joint pain, and increasing circulation. Both forms of massage can provide anywhere from light pressure for a relaxing massage to very hard pressure for more of a deep tissue massage.

One of the main differences in the two types of massage is that aqua massage provides a full body massage throughout the duration of the massage rather than focusing on one part of the body for a few minutes, then moving on to another part, and so on. A couple of the benefits of this is that you are able to relax more quickly and the pressure on any specific body part does not have to be as prolonged (and therefore pain from working on a specific area is reduced...if you've ever wanted to cry from pain during a traditional massage, you'll love not having that feeling - but getting the muscle worked just as well, with an aqua massage).

However, some people may prefer more focused work on a specific area or an area which an aqua massage does not really cover - such as the head. A massage therapist may also provide more specific massage techniques, such as pregnancy massage or reflexology. We do have massage therapists we can refer you to if that's what you're looking for!

Definitely! Aqua massage really is for anyone and it helps with many of the aches and pains older adults have. We have many customers up through their 90s who say regular aqua massage really helps relieve their back and joint pain and makes them feel better than they have in years! Aqua massage can help relieve symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

Chances are you'll be able to enjoy an aqua massage even if you're claustrophobic. In 15 years, we've had just a handful of people not go through with their massage. Most end up loving it after getting used to it during their first massage.

Please let us know if you are claustrophobic and we can work with you! We will have you use the "roomier" machine which allows more room to move around. Your head is out of the machine when you have your massage and this may help. We'll turn up the fan to provide a little more airflow. The first few minutes of your massage we'll keep a close eye on things to make sure you're doing ok. There is also an emergency stop button that YOU can use to stop the massage and raise the cover at any point. Plus, the cover of the bed can be manually pushed up at any time; knowing you will not be "trapped" may help.

If these things don't work, don't push yourself...not everything is for everyone!

Why not?! A good percentage of our customers are men. Many men may even be more apt to try an aqua massage over a traditional massage because:

  • It is a "hands-off" massage
  • It can provide a very strong amount of pressure
  • You don't need to make an appointment a long time in advance
  • You only need about 30 minutes
  • Hey, it's technology!

Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all answer. If you are unsure whether you can have an aqua massage, ask your doctor. If you doctor says receiving a traditional, manual massage from a therapist is ok, then aqua massage is generally fine too. There are many different pressure settings on the aqua massage bed, so it can be set at a very light level of pressure in any area you might need that.

Aqua massage can provide much relief for many health issues such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Yes! We've given massages to children as young as 6-8 years old. Adult supervision is required for kids that young. We have a 10 minute option for kids and typically go with the most gentle massage program. Aqua massage may help ease physical or emotional issues your child is experiencing. Most kids get a very good night's sleep after an aqua, bonus, you'll get some extra relaxation as well. ;)