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Become a member to relax your body & mind on a routine basis!

Our membership options...choose what works best for YOU:

  • Commit to relaxing & resetting yourself at least once a month with the MONTHLY RESET option!
  • NEW: Your Bi-Weekly & WEEKLY RESET options! Now you can make that commitment to RESET yourself physically and mentally twice a month or every week!
  • NEW: We accept FSA/HSA cards! Pay for your membership with pretax dollars.


Relax once a month with a half hour aqua massage with the Monthly Reset membership.
30 Minute Reset Membership
From $24.00 - $64.00
Relax and reset your body & mind routinely with a monthly 45 minute aqua massage when you choose this Monthly Reset plan.
45 Minute Reset Membership
From $36.00 - $96.00