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  Here's Stephanie! One of our awesome employees at Aquablue.    andrea




Exercising - especially lifting, kayaking, hiking at state parks, working, reading.

Favorite Quote

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

Favorite Aquablue Items

I get to pick out all the products, so how can I choose?!  Some things I use daily - my Spoonk acupressure mat, Moment drinks, Muscle Boost collagen, Nodpod eye pillow.

What Else?

I also spend part of my time working at the Fargo Ronald McDonald House and I love it! RMH provides a "home away from home" for families with children receiving medical treatment in town and it's very rewarding to be able to help provide that environment.

Favorite Aqua Massage

Deep tissue and ending with a really light, gentle relaxation style to really fall asleep at the end!  And now that we have the amethyst biomat, I love doing a deep tissue massage for 20-25 minutes followed by 20-25 minutes on the biomat. Completely relieves my muscles from working out!

I love that because of the way aqua massage works, I am able to have more pressure than a traditional massage so it gets the knots out better WITHOUT the pain! If you've ever felt like you might be bruised after a massage with a therapist, you know what I mean.


Former Aquablue Staff:


Stephanie graduated from Concordia College and is now pursuing her Master's Degree in Child Life. She works as a Child Life Assistant at Sanford Health.


Liz teaches 4th grade in Fargo.


Dr. Andrea Hillstad has worked at Aquablue and provided information for some of the "additional detail" pages on the essential oils.

To learn about Dr. Andrea and book an appointment, please check her out at