Interests/hobbies:  Exercising (dancing, running, hiking, weightlifting, pretty much anything), kayaking, hiking at state parks, working, reading (favorite author - Kurt Vonnegut)

Favorite Quote:  Do something today your future self will thank you for.

Favorite Aquablue Items:  I get to pick out all the products, so how can I choose?!  But some items I own and really like are...the inspirational pallet signs, the metal letters, Lenny & Eva jewelry, and the bath truffles (I'm not even a "bath person" and I LOVE these!)

Favorite Aqua Massage:  Deep tissue and ending with a light, gentle relaxation style to really fall asleep at the end!  Ahhh...  I love that because of the way aqua massage works, I am able to have more pressure than a traditional massage so it gets the knots out better WITHOUT the pain!



Interests/hobbies:  I'm very interested in health and nutrition so much so that I moonlight as a Naturopathic Doctor in my spare time.  I also enjoy going to local craft breweries and knitting over a pint.

Family: I live with my husband, 2 fur babies (dogs), and the attic ghost.  Occasionally we have my husband's daughter and her little brother stay with us.

Future Plans: It is my dream one day to own and operate a Naturopathic Healing Retreat Center. Perhaps let my husband convince me to bear him children.

Favorite Quote: Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda

Favorite Aquablue Item: Yes

Favorite Aqua Massage: Any of the relaxation styles, but I'm still trying them all out.



Interests/hobbies:  reading, watching movies and Netflix, going for long runs, listening to music

Family:  I live with my parents and younger brother.  I also have a black lab named Mikey.

Future Plans:  I attend the University of Jamestown for History Secondary Education.

Favorite Quote:  If you can dream it, you can do it.

Favorite Aquablue Items:  I love finding new and unique pieces of jewelry to wear.  Therefore, I would have to say my favorite item would be any of the Lenny & Eva jewelry!



Interests/hobbies:  Watercolor painting, gardening, sewing, reading (favorite author: William Kent Krueger), checking out the local craft breweries, camping, kayaking, and fishing.

Family:  My mom, dad, and two brothers are back home in Wisconsin.  I live here in Fargo with my fiance Tim and our cat Nova.

During the school year:  I teach 4th grade in North Fargo.

Favorite Quote: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody."

Favorite Aquablue items:  So far my favorite items are the Botanist Candles, bath truffles, ceramic diffuser, and the Lenny and Eva jewelry line.

Favorite Aqua Massage:  The back & shoulder combination program.


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