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Customer Experience Associate Job Description

***Currently not hiring, but feel free to fill out an application and we'll keep it on file!***

Employee Role:  Customer Experience Associate

Hours per week:  Varies by season and employee schedule…generally 4 to 20 hours

If you have a resume, you can bring it in to Aquablue or email it to, instead of submitting an application (but be sure to include your work availability).

Thank you for being interested in joining our team and making this an awesome place to work and shop!  We will be in touch within a few days of turning in your application and/or resume.



Your ultimate responsibility is providing a great customer experience at Aquablue that will leave customers feeling relaxed, happy, and excited to return!  Several things go into this:

  • Being friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable in helping customers select the best merchandise and/or massage for their needs. You should keep up to date on the products in the store and their benefits and listen to the customer to ensure they are getting what they are looking for.  Help the customer select a massage program that will be most beneficial for them, guide them through the massage process, and follow-up after their massage to ensure they’re very happy with the results.
  • Ringing up sales, taking returns and exchanges, processing custom orders, packaging up internet orders, and other administrative processes as they come up.
  • Keeping the selling area clean, stocked, and neat. Responsibilities in this area include receiving, pricing and putting out inventory; cleaning all areas of the store on a daily or weekly basis based on guidelines and needs; creating interesting product displays and straightening/cleaning displays based on guidelines and needs.
  • Keeping the “behind the scenes” areas and processes running smoothly and neatly. Things like tracking and updating inventory, ensuring water is added to massage beds when necessary, cleaning massage beds right away after each use, organizing desk and storage areas, and so on.
  • Helping with classes, special offsite events, and parties as needed.
  • Contributing ideas for social media, classes, events, etc…and possibly taking over some of these tasks at times, based on interest.



Friendly…able to easily talk to and develop rapport with anyone.

Genuine…a genuine friendliness will show.  We want to genuinely help our customers (more on this in training), not just be salespeople.

Relaxing…has a calming demeanor and makes others feel relaxed and good about themselves.

Confident…confident in your knowledge and skills, confidence to ask questions when necessary, confidence in making the right decision for the customer.

Enthusiasm…for the store, the aqua massage, and the customers.

A good worker…willing to take on any and all tasks, and enjoy every task, while making sure Aquablue is a relaxing and happy environment for the customer!

Capable…of learning all tasks assigned.

Creativity and ingenuity…in creating displays, creating new processes (& improving others)…while staying within the Aquablue vision of a relaxing, calming, happy environment.

Reliable and flexible…We are all a team and it helps all team members do and feel their best when everyone shows up when they should and can be flexible in helping accommodate others’ schedules when needed too.