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The first post...finally!

Written by LeAnn Ebersviller


Posted on August 12 2018

I made this my priority today…getting my very first blog post finished – FINALLY! I came up with the idea months ago and Memorial Day weekend solidified that I really need to get this done! It’s taken me months to get started because sometimes life gets in the way and I also have a million ideas in my head that get jumbled together and are hard to get out. So here’s the first post telling you the WHY and what’s coming…

I absolutely LOVE life and know life is way too short to be spent on things you don’t love or that stress you out. I’d love to live to oh, about 110 or 120 and want to live life as fully as I can that whole time.  Aquablue was a way to inspire and help others (and myself) relax and really enjoy life to the fullest.

A page from a quote of the day calendar caused me to just walk in and quit my last job one day (yeah, I’m a little bit of a risk taker and that story’s to come in a later post). That’s why the power of words is a central theme at Aquablue. If you’ve ever been in the store, you know that there are words everywhere. Little reminders to incorporate into your daily life to remember what’s important, keep you motivated, and give you peace when you need it.

But, as I’ve worked on my business and lived life the past few years, I’ve gone through so many challenges and know that there’s a lot more to it. Keeping a positive mindset is tough. Taking chances is tough. Trying to keep up when you’ve got so much going on is tough. We all have a lot of clutter that weighs us down…a negative body image, literally owning too much, not being able to say no, and so on. Those “little” things can prevent us from living the life we love need to be taken care of too.

Thus, this blog and classes at the store were created. I want you (and me) to really get to the heart of the situation and clear up those obstacles in addition to the more high level things we can do like having a motivational quote on our desk, owning a piece of jewelry with the names of our loved ones to remind us who’s important, or keeping a journal to remember why we should be grateful. The little and big things need to work together to give us that life we love.

So this blog will be about things like keeping up your motivation (even when sometimes you don’t feel like it), simplifying your life so you can focus on the things that are important to you, gaining more confidence, getting rid of all the little “obstacles” to work around, figuring out how to “get it all done”. Some days I may post a pretty article and some days I'll just talking about what’s going on in my life right now and how I’m learning to deal with it, learn from it, and hopefully thrive from it!



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