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Turquoise Stone Point Necklace - Stone of the Sky

$24.00 USD

Turquoise is just the quintessential stone of everything peace, balance, and truth! Turquoise looks great worn with almost anything you own to boost your mood...

Stone Point Necklace Details:

  • Adjustable chain - 18-20"
  • 14K sterling silver dipped chain
  • Stone pendant is approximately 1 3/8" long & 1/4" square
  • The bottom of the stone is tapered to form a "point" (see photos)
  • These are natural stones, so the coloring on each is unique
  • Looks great paired with a stone wrap (see photos)

Stone Properties:

  • Turquoise is the Stone of the Sky! It is a mood elevator that allows the soul to express itself. Encourages enthusiasm, peace, truth, wisdom and forthrightness. Uncovers hidden artistic abilities.

Giving Back:

  • 10% of net profits go back to charities that support women...Loveland Foundation, Dress for Success, Safe Passage, Girls on the Run, Girls Inc., the Care Center, Riverside Industries, and Empty Arms.