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Scatter Kindness - Recycled Military Tent Market Tote

$65.00 USD

You'll never go wrong when you "scatter kindness"! This quote on your recycled tent tote will inspire you and everyone around you to be kind.

Details about this "kindness" bag:

  • It's made from recycled military tent material, so it is DURABLE!
  • Due to its origins, you may find some minor patches, or fading, or discoloration. But that's what makes it unique!
  • This bag is HUGE...a great size for your groceries, gym clothes, diaper bag, or a weekend getaway.
  • Dimensions are: 15.5" high x 19" wide x 8" deep!
  • The leather handle is 12" high (24" total) so you can easily wear it over your shoulder.
  • Lined with a coordinating 100% cotton fabric and includes a pocket
  • Colors may vary slightly from dark tan to olive green depending on the tent used.
  • Dry clean recommended for best results