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Dream Big - Recycled Military Tent Crossbody

$45.00 USD

I always try to Dream Big and you should too! Make it a daily habit with this unique crossbody bag with a bright reminder inspiring you to go after your goals! We got this! 

  • Every one of these crossbody bags is one of a kind with it's own wear & tear built in! These bags are made of recycled military tents, so expect a few bruises here and there, but know that this bag is DURABLE!
  • Colors vary from tan to olive, depending on the tent that went into making this bag.
  • The bag is lined with a tan cotton lining and has a zipper pocket.
  • Dimensions are 13" wide x 9.5" high x 4" deep with a 57" adjustable strap.
  • Perfect size for your laptop and files.