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Bamboo Watermint Pet House Candle

$22.00 USD

Would you rather have your house smell like your dog (or cat) or like fresh bamboo? If you chose bamboo, then this candle is for you!

This candle contains an odor neutralizer to eliminate unwanted scents and replaces it with a bamboo scent with water lilies, lime, lemon, and peppermint!

Candle Features:

  • 9 oz natural soy wax candle
  • glass jar with airtight bamboo lid
  • burns up to 60 hours
  • burn 2-3 hours at a time for even results
  • contains odor neutralizer
  • cotton wick
  • dye free
  • 3.5"d x 4.25" h
  • Made in the U.S.A.