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"Animal Wisdom"

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How is it that pets are able to travel thousands of miles through unknown territory to reunited with their beloved humans?

How can dogs detect cancer with up to a 98 percent accuracy rate, and foresee epileptic or diabetic seizures in their owners?

How to animals seem to know when an earthquake is coming long before the world's best seismologists?

In Animal Wisdom, lifelong animal advocate and doctor of veterinary medicine Linda Bender offers a wealth of amazing stories and research-based evidence indicating animals have deeply perceptive - even extrasensory - abilities.

She shows us that animals are sentient, intuitive, and psychic and provides step-by-step practices for honing your natural ability to communicate with them, so that you too can learn to understand their urgent messages about peace, happiness, and the future of the planet.

Animal Wisdom is for animal lovers and anyone who seeks a deeper, more spiritual connection to the creatures that surround us.

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