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Amber Agate - Lava & Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet

$28.00 USD

Wear your essential oils incognito! A single lava bead is hidden among the amber agate beads on this bracelet.

How to Use Your Diffuser Bracelet:

  • Apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava bead. Allow the oil to be absorbed before wearing. The lava stone may appear shiny/wet until fully dry.

Bracelet Details:

  • 14 mm beads
  • Stretchy to fit a variety of wrist sizes
  • Made of lava, hematite, and semi-precious gemstones. See their properties below.

Stone Properties:

  • Amber Agate - Helps alleviate stress & depression. Aids in self confidence, spontaneity, decision making, wisdom, balance, and patience!
  • Hematite - Dissolves negative energy and helps prevent absorbing other people's negative vibes. Enhances will power and confidence!
  • Lava - Stone of strength. Said to contain powerful energies of the volcanoes that created the stone. Brings calming, yet intense, energy. Offers stability in times of change. Grounds the wearer to reality.