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  • You get a massage every week of the month! You’ll also receive discounts on massage and merchandise.
  • A week is Monday – Sunday.
  • The first week of the month is the week with 5 or more days in that month. The last week of the month is the one with 5 or more days in that month.



  • Purchase additional aqua massage time for yourself any month at a rate of $0.50 per minute. This only applies to massage time purchased for yourself.
  • Receive a 5% discount on merchandise purchased at Aquablue.
  • Your guests receive a 10% discount on their aqua massage when they accompany you.



  • You can pay monthly OR prepay (for 3 or more months). If you pay monthly, you can have the payment for the month taken out of your account either the 3rd or 18th of each month.



  • You can certainly put your plan on hold when you need to! Notify us in writing by 25th of the previous month. If there’s a medical emergency…just let us know as soon as possible and any unused massages for the month you’ve already paid for will carry over and you can use them later.



  • Notify us in writing by the 20th of the previous month. (Example – to cancel February, let us know by January 20th and no payments will be taken out in February)



  • If you have an appointment and due to circumstances on our end cannot have your massage (example – the massage bed is being repaired or we close due to a storm), we’ll take that amount off your next month’s payment.
  • If you miss a week, we will send you a reminder Monday of the next week so you can get back on track.



  • Appointments are highly recommended. You can make your next appointment when you have your massage (recommended), call 701-281-6465, or book online at (or Booking for the same time each week will make things a lot easier! You can book for a few weeks at a time.



  • Your 1st month’s payment is prorated.
    • If there are 4+ weeks left in the month, pay the full amount
    • If there are 3 weeks left, pay 75%
    • If there are 2 weeks left, pay 50% PLUS the full amount of the 2nd month
    • Just one week left, pay 25% PLUS the full amount of the 2nd month