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TLC Cleaning

Individual massage prices:

20 minute massage $25

30 minute massage $35 (this is the most popular length...a 30-45 minute aqua massage is equivalent to the average 60 minute massage with a therapist)

45 minute massage $50


Packages of 10-19 massages would be 25% off and 20+ massages would be 35% off


Monthly Membership Packages:

We also have member packages...this is where one person receives 2 massages per month for 3 months (6 massages total).  Pricing is:

20 minute massages $99

30 minute massages $119

45 minute massages $179


Relaxation Retreats:

Each month we have a day long "retreat" (typically 9:00-4:00 on a Sunday).  I lead the workshops in conjunction with a stress management coach.  Each month the exact activities are a little bit different and the main class focus will change (but it is typically a topic related to making your life easier and giving you more confidence).  Types of activities include an aqua massage, journaling, meditation, learning stress management techniques, a form of yoga or other relaxing activity, and other fun activities like pet therapy, art therapy, drum/music therapy, relationship classes, etc.  We have a whole host of specialists on tap to provide unique, specialized topics each month!  These retreats are $119 per person.