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Mystery Grab Bags!

Want to help some great local charities, have fun, AND get some great stuff for just $10?
Of course you do! Here’s a handy step by step guide:
Step 1: Buy a $10 or $20 Mystery Grab Bag at Aquablue
Step 2: Open it up
Step 3: Find a $1-$10 donation inside the bag that will go to one of these fine organizations…HERO, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Pet, Dress for Success, or Sunshine Kids!
Step 4: Find a lovely assortment of merchandise inside worth 1.5-3 times the cost of the bag! Yay! (Visit our Facebook page to see what you might get!)
Step 5: Want to swap for a different bag o’ stuff? We have a gift swap table so you can grab someone else’s mystery bag!
Step 6: OR you can donate the bag contents for our charities who will use them as surprise gifts for their clients!
Step 7: Where possible, we’ll make the final donation to the charity on Giving Hearts Day…so the donation will be matched and the charity will get TWICE as much benefit! Yay!
And that’s it! For just $10 you will be able to help us raise $2400 (or much more) for these organizations! Triple YAY!!! 🎉👏