COVID-19 Information

UPDATE 3/27/20: Aquablue's physical location is currently closed until further notice. You can still shop online and we'll get your order sent right out! We have gift certificates available and a 5 for $99 aqua massage package available online.


The one thing you can control is how you deal with the situations you are dealt!

In this case, I choose to make lemonade out of lemons. 😊 For the rest of the month, like many other local businesses, Aquablue will be (semi)closed. I will happily come in to take care of aqua massage appointments and am selling gift certificates online for you to relax and be inspired with once Aquablue re-opens!

You can schedule at www.aquabluefm.setmore.com. When you come in for your massage, know that the massage beds are wiped down with disinfecting wipes and any linens are changed between every massage. That’s actually our everyday procedure anyway!

If you have an aqua massage membership, to compensate for this time that it’s more challenging for you to get in for your massages, you will only be charged half your usual member fees next month. Thanks for sticking with us!

Business has slowed down this past week, waaaayyyy down. So, since we’re social distancing anyway, I determined it was better use of my time to work additional hours at the Ronald McDonald House (a job I’m very grateful for right now) and spend my time at home working on my internet presence and business plans for making up this lost income (and then some) in the future!

I’ve also worked 220 of the last 221 days (!) and I can definitely use this “break” to recharge and figure some things out in life. An awesome bonus is that I’ll get to visit my mom for a couple days and help her get some cleaning and organizing done!

I hope you take this break from your regularly hectic life to really enjoy & appreciate your family, slowing down a bit, and most importantly your health!

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