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Just do it!

Written by LeAnn Ebersviller


Posted on August 28 2019

I love quotes; I've made it a large part of my business...and one of my favorites is one frequently heard from Nike..."Just do it!"

Why do we hesitate and stop ourselves so often from doing what we KNOW would make us happy or make us feel better? Is it complacency and fear of change? Is there a fear of actually getting what we want?

The reasons are probably a little different for everyone...maybe I'll look at that another time. 

But for right now, I'm just asking the question and suggesting that we need to NOT stop ourselves more often! Then rather than having a habit of missing out on life, enjoying and taking advantage of what life has to offer will become a habit!

I'm not only talking about the "big" risks like traveling to a different country or changing jobs, but also the everyday decisions like cleaning out your closet or tidying up your home at night, making a last minute decision to drive an hour just to have a quick breakfast with a friend you haven't seen in a while, eating healthier or exercising, or signing up for an aqua massage membership. ;)

Think of those "little" things that you know will make you feel better if you do them. What is stopping you? I'm challenging you to not "think about" at least one of those things and just do it! You'll feel better and the "just doing it" will become a habit and translate to more and more exciting and big things! Momentum...

Observing so many of my aqua massage customers made me think of this recently. After almost EVERY massage I see someone come out super relaxed and feeling the best they have all week. All the time I hear "I forgot how much this helps" and "Why don't I do this more often?". And in almost all these cases, even though they have a super easy opportunity to help themselves feel better and be happier more often, they hesitate to "think about it" and don't just make their next appointment or sign up for a massage membership. And then life gets in the way and it doesn't happen. Then 6 months later they have another massage and say "Why don't I do this more often?!"

All too often, what seems like a no-brainer to someone outside of the situation (in this case, me), for some reason causes hesitation and a lack of seemingly rational action by the person actually in the situation (the customer).

Can you think of times you hesitate to do something that you know will make you feel better and happier and add to your life when, if you were an outside observer in your life you'd tell yourself "Just do it!"? Take that as an opportunity to start a new habit and just go for the things that make sense! Just DO the things that will make you happy! :)





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